JANUARY 05, 2022


One of the best methods to get to better know your body and helping you stay on track both mentally and physically is to know you BMI. Make better decision regarding eating and exercise choices. The result of the BMI calculator (body mass index) helps determine potential health risks based on your body weight & height.

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You only need 5 pieces of information to calculate your BMI: body weight, height, gender, age, and how often you exercise/week.

Fill in the information in the calculator below to get your BMI results!


The BMI’s main purpose is to serve as a tool to detect healthy/unhealthy weight, overweight, malnutrition or obesity, which allow you make better choices regarding your everyday activities to avoid possible health problems.

In general, the higher your BMI, the overall higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and much more. And if it’s too low it’s a clear indicator that your body could use a boost up by focusing more on what you eat, how much you’re eating and how often you’re moving and activating your body.

& there you have it!

Combine this Copper Slim + your BMI info to stay on track and in charge of your body throughout every step of your fitness/wellness journey.

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