I am pretty obsessed with my new copper slim pants from @copper.slim . They’re extremely comfortable and squat proof. They form to my body and feel like a second skin. They also have many added benefits with their copper technology. They’re sweat-wicking, anti-odor, anti-bacterial , promoting circulation, and much more.


Since I started using Copper Sweat Pants I really feel that I sweat so much when I exercise. Sweat is very important for me because the sweating enhances my blood circulation and helps me get rid of my cellulite. My exercise won't be perfect without @copper.slim pants!! I am in love❤❤❤


@copper.slim has made innovate leggings and I’m obsessed!! These leggings are lined with copper which makes me sweat more during my workouts and helps to increase circulation! Though, it does make me sweat, these leggings have anti-odor and anti-bacteria properties so know one knows you’re sweating like pig but you! As you can see these are super comfortable and fit my body seamlessly!


I really like them a lot because they’re very thick and they have a lot of compression. This is really awesome because reduces your healing time. I have weak knees, so I have to take extra time to warm up to make sure my kneed are properly lubricated, before I do any heavy lifts. The cool thing about of these Capri Pants is that they cover my knees so when I’m warming up I can feel that I’m warming up a lot faster! Highly recommended!


I loved the quality and feel of these leggings. The copper inside and compression seemed pretty great. I ordered a 3XL based on the size chart and they were definitely not as big as they should have been. I could get them up over my hips but they were too tight to pull all the way in place.