MARCH 22, 2019


Copperspire™ technology infuses Copper ions with Thermal technology to give you the ultimate combination of well-being plus exercising performance.

Copperspire™ technology infuses Copper ions with Thermal technology

We create activewear that goes beyond conventions with a strong sense of style. Playing with garment engineering, product finishing and materials that complement exercise to put an accent on maximum results.

What does this mean?

Copperspiretech™ add the following benefits to your workouts:

Speeds Up Recovery
Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, getting you ready for your next exercise faster. 

Increase body temperature
Increases body temperature to sweat up to 5X more than you normally would.

How to improve the results of all your physical activities

Improves Skin Appearance
Diminish cellulite and reduce stretch marks.

Anti-Bacterial & Sweat-Wicking
Keeps you fresh throughout your entire workout by eliminating odors, absorbing moisture and making it readily available for quick evaporation.

Super Comfortable
10X softer than traditional cotton, designed to be sleek and flexible to keep up with even the most versatile exercises.

Performance is key for us, so we are constantly challenging ourselves with new opportunities to analyze the needs and constant changes of sports and physical activities that envision what you need. Bringing the performance solutions you want, and adding the ones you never imagined you needed.